Our team

Legal practitioners, translators, a pediatrician and a psychologist well experienced in the field of international adoptions and in their profession.

Board of Directors:

  • адв. Мариана Радулова President of the Board – Attorney-at-Law Mariana Radulova – lawyer and English language translator; experience over 23 years; founder-member;
  • Гергана Вучкова-Колева Secretary of the Board – Mrs. Gergana Vuchkova-Koleva – Master Degree in Economics; she has studied Law; experience over 11 years; founder-member;
  • Маргарита Вълчева Member of the Board – Mrs. Margarita Valcheva – psychologist with professional experience of more than 30 years; experience over 18 years; founder-member.


  • Маргарита Вълчева Miss Liliya Karagecheva who has obtained her law degree at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridki”; on 17 August 2018 she gained the right to practice law; experience over 10 years; speaks English and Italian; founder-member;


  • Neviana Belicheva, MD; she graduated from the Medical University in Sofia in 1993 and in 2004 she earned her specialty in Pediatrics;
  • Dr. Vanushka Mantarova-Anastasova, MD, pediatrician. She graduated from the Medical Institute in the city of Varna in 1980; specialty: pediatric cardiologist; member


  • Vanya Kashlakeva – Italian and French, founder-member
  • Veselka Galabova – English, founder-member
  • Мариета Глухарова Marietta Glouharova – English and French
  • Пламена Илчева Plamena Ilcheva – English
  • Elisaveta BaltovaElisaveta Baltova – English
  • Veselka Galabova, English, founder-member.

Technical assistant: Rose of the Heart Association has a technical assistant employed full time.

  • Лора Драганова Lora Draganova – technical assistant

All the members of our team are involved with the problems of children and of the people of unequal social status and they work with love and dedication so as to protect children’s rights and to contribute to providing better life for them.