From the moment for the prospective adoptive parents are determined as eligible and suitable to adopt a specific child and they accept the referral and express their consent to adopt the child, and until a court’s decree which has come into force is obtained and an international passport is issued, the procedure practically takes about 4 (four) months (each specific case depends on the unique circumstances).

The period from filing the application and the PAP’s documents with the Ministry of Justice through the Association until obtaining a referral for a child, the prospective adoptive parents have been found to be eligible and  suitable to adopt, depends on:

  • The information about the prospective adoptive parents;
  • The extent to which they can provide good care for this child; the age of the child they apply for; whether they apply for a healthy child or could adopt a child with medical conditions or other disorders, or if they apply for a special needs child;
  • The subsequence of the PAP’s file;
  • Other factors determined by the Intercountry Adoption Council for each particular case.